Live Smart


At Exchange, we’re about delivering a smart, connected experience to our Residents.

Our smart home automation provides convenience, reliability, money and energy savings for residents, and our 400Mbps fiber internet bandwidth speed means you will always be connected to the things you love.


Smart thermostats allow you remote access to change temperature settings from anywhere through the app.

Smart locks provide control over who has access to your home through digital credential setup. Receive real-time notification from the app every time your door is accessed.

Device hubs allow communication between smart devices on your network locks, thermostats, lights, plugs, sensors and more.

Smart plugs control your lights and small appliances and help monitor and automate energy consumption.

Leak detectors give you peace of mind knowing your possessions remain damage-free.

Voice assistance technology connects you to your devices for ease of use and hands-free convenience.

High-speed fiber throughout the building to residential hallways connects you to the world in an instant, enabling you to Live, Work, and Play from home.